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·4 best freshwater fish for alligator gar fish bait: common carp

·freshwater lures: plugs

·freshwater lures: spinners

·freshwater lures: spoons

·freshwater lures: popers

·freshwater lures: fishing jigs

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·how to catch bass: choose your bait or lure wisely

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·how to identy a largemouth bass

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·best times to fish: light

·best times to fish: temperatures

·tips for tidal largemouth bass:consider fish positioning

·tips for tidal largemouth bass: timing is everything

·tips for tidal largemouth bass: survey low water

·tips for tidal largemouth bass: know the tides

·guide to frog lures for bass fishing:soft-plastic frogs

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·guide to frog lures for bass fishing: hard-plastic frogs

·guide to frog lures for bass fishing: hollow bodies

·crappie fishing tips: weather/season

·crappie fishing tips: find your technique

·crappie fishing tips: know your bait

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·bass jigs

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