What are the best lures for smallmouth bass?


Crankbaits. Whether you decide to fish for smallies with a lipless crankbait, squarebill crankbait or a deep diving crankbait, you will not be disappointed. Smallmouth bass love crankbaits and the variety of different crankbaits available really make it a valuable fishing lure to have in your tackle box.

When fishing shallow waters, throw a squarebill crankbait and work the bottom of the lake to generate a reaction strike. Lipless crankbaits work great as well, especially when fishing the grass. Lastly, when fishing deep water, supply your deep diving crankbait with something the smallmouth simply can’t resist!


Spinnerbaits. As we mentioned, smallmouth bass can be difficult to locate at times. Spinnerbaits are great lures for covering a lot of water and locating bass. Remember, where you find one smallmouth bass, another may be very close. Throw a spinnerbait first thing in the morning, (when smallmouth bass tend to be in the shallower waters) you may be surprised with what you come up with.


Buzzbaits. When you notice that smallies are feeding on top of the water, buzzbaits are your go-to lures. Much like spinnerbaits, they work very well in helping to cover a lot of water. Also, if bass are anywhere in the vicinity, this will no doubt attract them because of the immense amount of vibrations they give off.

Fishing for smallmouth bass early in the spring can mean dirty, muddy water. For these conditions, you will need a lure that gives off lots of vibrations. Buzzbaits excel in these circumstances. They are also an excellent tool for night fishing as well.


Poppers. These lures can call smallmouth bass from a mile away. They are awesome fishing lures, not only for smallmouth bass, but largemouth bass as well. Just throw it in there and let it “pop”. Remember when fishing with poppers, bass will strike on the pause. Don’t let your guard down, they might strike when you least expect it!

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