Crappie Fishing Tips: Weather/Season


One of the most important steps to fishing for crappie is to know what season you are fishing in so you can adjust your fishing tactics accordingly. Depending on the season and the weather, your crappie fishing techniques will be different. In the winter time, the temperatures could be as low as 40 degrees. At these times, the crappie will be further to the bottom of the water. You should fish for them at areas of 18 or 20 to 40 feet deep for best results. 

In fall it may seem that the crappie disappear completely. Many people feel this is the most difficult time to fish for crappie but it doesn't mean it can't be done. If you know where to search for them, you can find crappie even in the fall. Crappie are very elusive at this time of year and may be found in very shallow waters at one time and deep waters the next. Your best bet is to learn how to attract them out to where your bait is. Crappie fishing in fall will require slower fishing so they have more time to see the bait, using brighter colored baits to capture their attention and even using scented artificial baits.