How fish really think


There are certain things that motivate us. Urges like hunger,comfort and reproduction build the habits of our everyday lives. Fish are no different. They have needs on a more visceral level, but those needs are motivations for their actions.


Food is the primary motivations of all fish. And a full belly with certainly help it feel more comfortable. If a fish can find a place where it can eat well, it will generally hang around for more easy meals. If that place offers a desirable temperature and fulfills its visual needs, then so much the better. On the other hand, if that fish is near freezing, it may sacrifice an easy meal for warmer climate.


Reproduction is a major force that concentrates fish in one location. This fish may be there to propagate, yet they must eat during that time. And, the more fish in an area, the greater the competition for food. By understanding what motivates fish you can determine the basis of their habits, and use this knowledge to improve your catch rate. Let's explore some of the basic motivations for all inshore gamefish species.