Guide to frog lures for bass fishing: hollow bodies


The hollow-body frog features a hollow, pliable plastic body with a double upturned hook. The body snugs against the hooks to make it weedless, yet is soft enough to collapse and hook a fish when it strikes. Popular hollow body frogs include the Booyah Pad Crasher and Pad Crasher Jr.

Anglers fishing waters with a lot of surface vegetation, or “slop,” drag hollow-body frogs across the top of the gunk. For uninitiated, water covered in surface vegetation looks like a solid mass that couldn’t hold fish, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Normally these mats of vegetation are only solid on top and more open underneath, and attract bass like crazy. 

Throwing a hollow-body frog on top of the grass is one of most exciting bass fishing tactics. Look for solid areas of vegetation with dinner plate sized holes on top, an indicator that a bass has burst through. Listen for the quiet “pops” and “slurps” of bluegills feeding under the grass to find active bass.