Bass Jigs


These are also known as flipping jigs and are a very popular lure for largemouth and smallmouth bass. Bass jigs will feature a low profile stand-up head design from 1/8 oz to 3/4 oz, the lighter weights are excellent for finesse fishing smallmouths, the heavier weights are used cover fishing largemouths in weeds and for flipping (an underhand toss of the jig to a specific area). Most all bass jigs will have some type of weed guard (strands of fiber or plastic) along with an internal rattle.

The body dressing is usually a silicone or living rubber skirt with some tied with hair. As the jig enters the water the dressing pulsates upon the drop and will quiver as the jig is hopped along the bottom. A widely used addition to the bass jig is a split tail trailer to replicate claws of a crawfish.

Until recently the use of pork rind were the standard trailer thus the phrase “Jig & Pig” was born. With the many advancements of colors and impregnated scents in soft plastics today, they’re becoming the popular choice with many anglers.