When to use a spinnerbait?


Low light conditions. Since spinnerbaits make a lot of commotion and give off a lot of vibration they work very well under low light conditions. Throw one when fishing in muddy water, on cloudy days, or at night. Remember darker colors work better when fishing in low visibility waters as it will help to create a better silhouettes and make it easy for bass to see. Also, it is important to remember the bigger the profile the bigger the vibrations and the easier it will be for the bass to feel your lure swimming by.

Cold water. How do you catch a largemouth bass in cold water? You throw a spinnerbait! Under cold weather conditions bass will be moving much slower than normal. This means they will not want to travel very far for their next meal. The great thing about spinnerbaits is they can be slow rolled making it appear to be a very appealing and an easy meal. Throw a spinnerbait in cold water and duringb winter bass fishing.

Windy days. It is important to remember when fishing with spinnerbaits that they are designed to generate reaction strikes. The blades are designed to imitate a wounded baitfish. You don’t want the bass to have a good look at the lure, if they do, they won’t bite it. Windy days are great for throwing spinnerbaits as it helps to distort the lure look of the lure.

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