How to Use Mice for Fish Bait


Step 1
Look for artificial mice bait in the form of a lure. The lures are made to look like a mouse in terms of the body shape and size, but aren't quite as heavy as a real mouse. The artificial mouse has a rubber or plastic body, with the fishing hooks located in the interior. These lures work in areas with a lot of covering and in clear waters too.
Step 2
Attach the mouse lure to the fishing line, but skip using a sinker. Fishermen use sinkers to keep the lure weighted down, but the mouse lures have enough weight on their own. Use the right line weight according to where you're fishing and the surrounding area.
Step 3
Drop the mouse lure directly into the water, preferably in areas with a lot of covering. Mouse bait works best on bass, which like areas with debris including tree stumps. The lures are lightweight enough that they shouldn't get trapped or stuck in these areas.
Step 4
Use the right motion with the mouse bait to attract the fish. Twitch the line slightly, to cause the mouse bait to move in the water. Then start pulling the line in, while waiting for any signs of a fish on the other end of the line. If the fish aren't biting, drop the line and try again.
Step 5
Wait for movement on the end of the line, which indicates a biting fish. With mouse bait, you need to be sure that the fish is firmly attached to the hooks inside before pulling forward. If you pull the line back too soon, you'll miss the fish. Give it a few seconds once you feel the fish on the end of the line before pulling it back.