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icast fishing show
In July 2006, Hawk began his fishing lure business in the USA from Icast, after he built his fishing lure factory in Weihai China, Mar. 2006.

giant fishing worm lures

Hawk caught his first bass, with a senko worm, on Delta lake, San Francisco, CA, July 2007


top water bass fishing lure

Hawk caught a bass with his own crankbait the first time. July 2008, Boston.



This small crankbait is also good for bluegill, pretty good size. July 2008, Boston.


striper fishing lures

A small sea striper,with a soft eel lure, inshore fishing. July 2008 Boston.


walleye magnet fishing lure

Tell the story to the next generation! A wallyeye with a spinner, Oct 2009, Weihai, Shandong of China.



A top water frog is a lure you can not forget to use for bass fishing. July 2010, Grand Junction, CO.



The perch attacks a lure not much smaller that itself in size, small but aggressive fish. July 2010, Grand Juction, CO.


pike fishing lure

A not too big pike but it was the first time Hawk got a pike in the boat, very excting. Thanks to my good friend taking me fishing. July 2010, Grand Junction, CO.


saltwater fishing lure directory

Redfish is a good fish to catch, small menhaden is a good lure for this fish. Oct 2013, Tampa Bay, FL.


saltwater fishing lure setup

A small hammerhead shark, 30 minutes to take it in the boat. Oct 2013, Tampa bay, FL


fishing lure plastic

A jack fish caught with Hawk's shrimp. The realistic shrimp is very easy to use. Oct 2013, Tampa Bay, FL


deep sea fishing lure

This sand shark can not grow too biggerThis is a medium size, but very good fight. It made my hand shaking after 30 minutes fight. The skin of this shark is very unique. Oct 2013, Tampa Bay, FL


best trout fishing bait

Troutmagnet lure is really great for trout fishing! Nov. 2013, little red river, AR.


great trout fishing bait

This big brow trout is caught with the little troutmagnet lure. It is a giant, over 24" that can not keep.Jun 2014, little red river, AR.


crappie fishing lures

Crappie fishing is a lot of fun, and the fish is soooo good to eat!

Dec.2014, Searcy, AR.


soft fishing lures

A bass with Hawk's new lure, the soft lipless bait. Sep 2015, Searcy, AR.



Hawk's new lure Micro FRY really works great! Just keep catching! Sep. 2015, Searcy, AR


crappie fishing bait

Even crappie likes the soft lipless bait!


crappie jig fishing lures

The hybrid diver bait newly designed by Hawk is a bait you should have. It has so much action even slow retrieving that a fish can not ignor.


rockbass fishing lures

A rock bass on a crawfish. Stream fishing in Springdale, AR, Sep 2015.


river fishing lures

There a lot of small mouth is this stream. You can see the fish hide in the rocks from a far distance.


smallmouth fishing lures

This small mouth is skinny! I guess it does not have enough to eat in this clear water.Sep. 2015, Springdale, AR.


bass fishing bait and tackle

Two big mouth in a small pound. Spinnerbait is a good choice in the water with a lot of tree tops. Feb. 2016, Searcy, AR.


striped bass fishing lures

First casting of the new designed lure, a prototype of the new double cross jig and the result is a good size hybrid. This is a fish do not grow too big in stripe bass family. May 2016, Percy Priest lake, TN


fishing bait lures

A record of small mouth in Hawk's fishing life. May 2016, Percy priest lake, TN


crappie fishing lure

Testing of a new lure designed for fin commander by leland's lures.May 2016, percy priest lake, TN


crappie fishing baits

You can never tell how many crappie in this lake!


smallmouth bass fishing lures

Hawk broke his own record on small mouth just 2 days after, May 2016, Dale Hollow lake, TN


white bass fishing lures

A small white bass with Hawk's new lure micor dancer, 30 minutes 7 fish, while Augie got nothing with another lure. May 2016, Bloominton, IL.


shad fishing lures

Testing a new joint shad, first cast. Nov.2016, Fort Smith, AR.


trout fishing bait

Trout fishing in this place is not only fishing! I have to say, I enjoy more this exact place than fishing! Nov.2016, Grand Junction, CO.


deer hunting

First time deer hunting, can not forget this hand shaking and heart beating experience. Thank you my good friend Jeff Smith! Nov.2016, Kenset, AR.






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