Kids Fishing Trip Ideas


The secret to making a fishing trip a success for youth is to plan the entire trip around their interest level. Rather than taking them on a trip to "learn how to fish", take them to the lake for a day of fun which includes fishing.

As adults we enjoy the “fishing” and kids typically first need to experience the “catching”. If they get hooked on catching, they will grow to enjoy the fishing. If the child likes fishing, they will certainly let you know it.

Consider the following as you plan your trip:
·Keep it simple.
·Begin by fishing for pan fish or catfish. Success is more important than species.
·Make it a reasonably short trip to a close by body of water, a few hours at most.
·Pack a fun lunch and make it a part of the experience.
·Take time to throw sticks and rocks into the water along the way, kids love that.
·Use basic tackle at first – the simpler, the better.
·Focus your praise on their participation rather than the catching.
·Share the beauty of the outdoors with them during the experience.
·Be ready to quit fishing when you can see that they are done.
·Be ready to extend the time if they are having success.
·Be a good example for conservation and preserving the fisheries.
·Teach them “Catch and Release” when appropriate.
·Keep the focus on the kids and adapt to their wishes, and you’ll be a hero. Not all kids are destined to become fisherman so present the opportunity and see if they like it.