Guide to frog lures for bass fishing: Soft-Plastic Frogs


Soft-plastic frogs like the YUM Money Frog are weedless like a hollow-body frog but slowly sink instead of floating on the surface. The angler rigs the soft plastic frog on a wide-gapped, often slightly weighted, hook, which acts as a keel to keep the frog running straight and helps keep the frog right side up. 

Soft-plastic frogs feature some type of kicking, swimming legs. When reeled at a medium to quick pace with the rod held at the 1 o’clock position, the soft plastic frog buzzes and swims across the surface, but when paused it slowly sinks like a stunned amphibian. 

Soft-plastic frogs are most effective when fish are active, and in areas with shoreline vegetation and moss. In these areas a buzzbait will quickly foul as the moss and grass twists and clogs the spinning blade, but a soft-plastic frog comes right through.