Catch More Bass On Your Next Fishing Trip


Bass fishing can be a rewarding hobby and what better fun could there be than going on a fishing vacation. Exploring a new lake in search of that giant bass can be a fun and sometimes frustrating time. Here's some tip on how to get you up to speed when fishing in a new area.


1. first of all you want to research the body of water. You can start by looking at maps or checking out the lake in magazines or websites. Read everything you can about fishing in that lake, the more you find out about what to use for lures and where the fish are, the better your chances of catching lots of fish.

2. Hiring a fishing guide might be a great idea if you're new to the area, even if you're an expert fishermen yourself. You can hire a guide for your first day and he can show you where the fish are biting at that particular time, then you can strike it out on your own for the rest of vacation. The guide will also be able to tell you what techniques and lures work in this water.


At the very least, you should try to hang out at that fishing supply store and talked to some the local fishermen or the people that work there to find out where the hotspots are. They'll also be able to sell you what kind of lures to use.


3. Even if you've gotten plenty of advice on what to use for lures and were to cast, you need to stay flexible. if the fish just aren't biting you might want to change wars, waits or move to a different area.


4. No matter what body of water they are in, bass are pretty similar in their habits. They don't care too much for the open water and like to stay close to logs, trees or rocks so if you can't get any other tips these are your best places to cast. Depending on the time of season the weather and the breeding cycle the bass may be more likely to hang out and certain areas of the lake.


If you're fishing vacation is in the spring time, and the bass are spawning, there are certain areas in the lake that you want to try fishing and it might be a good idea to bring a depth finder so that you can see the car tour of the lake.


Staging bass usually can be found in ledges or troughs and even in creek Intersections. These bass will go for a bunch of different baits but your best bet might be lizards and a pumpkin seed color or artificial worms.


You might try using artificial baits cast parallel to the deep grass. This is where staging bass often hang out. Be sure to your retrieve your beat quickly so it doesn't get snagged on the weeds.


a lot of times the bounce will congregate near a point that Is close to the spawning area. These areas should be finished especially if they are as cover an area. Try spinner baits that are white or chartreuse and color in fish them just under the surface near the shoreline.


No matter what time of year you fishing, rock groupings and docks are always a great place to cast.


Remember not to take your fishing too seriously, after all this is a vacation! Getting out in the sun and fresh air is a great way to spend a day and if you can catch a couple of fish to then that's an added bonus!