bass swimbaits

Art No.:SPS5

Length:5" or 12 cm


Our super soft swim baits, recommand to use with a jig head or weighted hook. The super soft material gives this bait an action better than most of the swim baits in the market. Both for fresh water fishing and salt water fishing use.



soft swimbait

Art No.:THS8, THS11,THS13

Length:3" or 8cm,

4" or 11cm,

5" or 13cm

Weight:3g, 6g, 13g

our swim baits designed using with jig head, or weighted hook, or alabama rigs. A good lure for bass fishing, wallyeye fishing, perch fishing, striper fishing and inshore salt water fishing.


swim bait shad fishing swimbaits

Art No.:SC15


Weight:15 g

Our swim baits soft lipless bait designed for bass fishing and crappie fishing. The soft material makes it feel like a real fish. The through wire structure makes it very durable compare with any other swim baits. Use it like a normal rattle trap and surely catch more fish! Recently we found it also good in salt water fishing.



Art No.:DB3

Length:2" or 5 cm

Weight:1 g

Our swim baits micro dancer soft body designed for crappie fishing and trout fishing, used with jighead. Also a good bait for ice fishing.


fishing swimbaits eel fishing bait

Art No.:DB5

Length:3" or 8 cm

Weight:2.8 g

Our swim baits Ring dancer soft body designed with the ring and paddle tail, used with jighead, a good bait for bass fishing.

Art No.:EEL6, EEL9

Length:6" or 15 cm, 9" or 23 cm

Weight:25g(6"), 50g(9")

Our swim baits hyper eel, with the natural looking body and special designed tail, is a really great lure for salt water fishing. The color is natural. Two sizes available. This swim bait is also good for fresh water fishing bass fishing. The size 9" is a big meal for a big bass. And the 6" is a good size for big bass as well. A black nickel hook and an option of a tremble hook.