Jigs's collars and colors


Jig Collars
The jig collar is positioned directly behind the jig head. Barbed collars have a small hook to attach and hold soft plastic baits stopping them from sliding down the hook other collar designs include screw locks or wire holders to hold plastic baits. Straight collars are used to tie dressings or attach on the jig such as hair, feathers, tinsel, living rubber and silicone skirts.


Jig Colors
When choosing jig head colors one must consider the fishing conditions and type of water, clear, stained or dark. Jig heads are available in natural, fluorescent, metallic, two tone and glow finishes. In stocking your jig box start out with handful of basic colors: black, brown, white, yellow, pink and red for clear to stained water, with fluorescent chartreuse, green,orange and glow for dark water. Experiment and try various colors until you find the color choice for the day.


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