Guide to frog lures for bass fishing: hard-plastic frogs


Realistic hard plastic frogs are used in open water because they feature exposed treble hooks that snag in wood or grass cover. They have natural frog bodies and color patterns that match the real thing. Action is a “walk-the-dog” side-to-side movement the angler imparts by working the rod in a certain manner.

To accomplish the walk-the-dog action, twitch downward on the rod on a semi-taut line. Repeating this fairly short action over and over makes the frog zigzag back and forth as it moves across the water.  These frog lures such as the Rebel Frog-R are great alternatives to larger dog-walkers like the Heddon Spook, and can be more effective in clear water where fish are feeding visually.

This style of frog lure also is perfect for fishing smaller waters such as ponds and streams. These environments often aren’t full of shad or other baitfish, making frogs and other critters a bigger part of a bass’s diet.